What can I do with this...hunk of junk?
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What to do with an old iPhone?

A friend of mine gave me her old iPhone 2G. I jailbroke it, but didn't bother unlocking it because I won't be using it as a phone.

I do, however, need some suggestions of what to actually do with it. I'm looking in particular for projects that turn the iPhone into a completely different device; Can I make it a mini torrent server? How about a media server? A ______?

If nothing else, I suppose I'll just use it as an iPod. I listen mainly to podcasts but I use my Android phone for that already, so, kinda pointless.
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Best answer: Turn it into a wireless modem.
posted by andromache at 1:21 PM on May 8, 2010

Response by poster: For future commenters, andromache's answer is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for; I want to turn this iPhone into a device with completely different and awesome capabilities.
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Best answer: You could turn it into a universal remote. An app like Hipporemote Pro will let you do some nifty stuff (especially if you have a media center computer).

If you have a Mac or Linux machine, you can use it to access Transmission's web interface.

Not sure if these are transformative enough, but they may help you get some more use out of it.
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Response by poster: Nah, all this stuff is great!
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Get it to boot Android.
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I think I've said this suggestion before, but if you truly don't have a use for it, donate it to a women's shelter.
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Personally, I'd give it away or send it to one of those cash-for-mobiles type places.
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