Selling Artwork: Too expensive for ebay, too cheap for Sothebys
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How to sell moderately valuable ($1k-3k) art prints?

My family has 6 pieces by Ken Price, Joe Goode and Joe Monroe that they're looking to sell. We submitted them to Christy's and Sotheby's, since pieces from these artists were sold by those houses in the past (Joe Goode, Ken Price) but we got responses back saying that they're not interested in selling anything that's worth less than $5000. Now what?
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Maybe smaller auction houses, like Wright in Chicago or Bonhams which has an international profile? Also, the secondary print market is a hassle, but there are usually one or two galleries that specalise in good modern prints, and by this i do not mean chagall, i live in toronto, but if i can get a location that might be helpful.

As well, fine art printers are a good place to ask some questions--i think that Price and Goode both have work at Crown Point in Sf have had work there, but don't qoute me. Price has work at Gemini GI. You can also call artists Galleriests, who are a little grumpy to handle small potatos but will do so, Price's is Matthew Mark...i don;t know the others.

Also, Price has gotten some recent attention lately, and if you have that the crab cup print, with the colours, the date, and the subject it might be worth a bit more then you think it is. (not millions, but 1200 to 1500 would not be out of reason)
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A smaller east cost house is Rago. Plenty of stuff in your price range in their current auction. I know gallery workers who keep an eye on them, looking for a small deal.
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I would call around to galleries and see if they're interested. You can look up galleries that carry those artists' works at Artnet, and see if any of them are interested in buying the works or taking them on consignment.

Also, some art appraisers also work as art dealers, so you might see if there is one in your area willing to represent you in sales.

(Disclaimer: I work for an appraiser that also acts as an agent in these kinds of sales.)
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