How do you get your reume higher in Monster's search results?
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What are some tips on how to make your resume show up higher on Monster's search results?

I’m searching for a job and was networking with one of my friends who is a recruiter. When she did a search on "Business Analysts", I was not even appearing up on page 3.

What was even worse, when she did a Monster search on my name, I still didn’t show up. My Monster profile strength is rated as high but I’m worried I’m not showing up where I need to.

I have the various IT acronyms at least once in resume as well as my name (in the header). Should I be repeating material over and over to give it more weight? I was taught that resumes should be clear succinct and precise without a lot of repetition, but if necessary, I can add “agile methodology” and “SDLC” etc. to every other line.
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Have you been "touching" or "editing" the resume so it shows activity?
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Best answer: Don't tell anyone, but if you go into your resume often and make a minor change to it, it sort of helps move it to the top of the stack. I'm not talking about rewrites, but sometime really minor such as adding a space at the end of a block of text. A human wouldn't see any changes. Anything that makes the text editor or the upload tool think you've posted something. At least at the moment, Monster prioritizes freshness of resume/profile information. If you haven't touched it in a while, you might want to fiddle with it and have your friend look again.
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Yep. I always noticed an influx of emails from recruiters whenever I'd change my cover-letter or make any small changes to my resume.
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When I worked on the candidate-search application for a large UK IT recruitment agency (n.b. not Monster), some important things which influenced a candidate/job match were:

1/ keyword matching between your CV and the job spec - saying something twice is possibly more valuable...
2/ Your "activity level" - candidates who phoned up often and generally appeared keen got a boost. Those who didn't hassle the recruitment company sort of faded out.
3/ Not applying for "too many" diverse kinds of jobs. You would be given a minus score (ie you are just applying for every job you see without thinking about it)
4/ Living close to where the job was offered. Candidates who have to relocate are statistically more likely to quit early (thus losing the agency their commission).

The agencies used these stats to find people who were most likely to get them some commission - it was completely a game of numbers and statistics and it's totally acceptable to try to play it like a game, as the other posters are suggesting. By all means try making trivial adjustments to your CV to make yourself seem keen and up-to-date (my #2). It is certainly the case that the agencies work for employers-seeking-people rather than the employees-seeking-jobs, so bear that in mind.

These days, I work for an actual IT company (not an agency), and I am interviewing people for jobs. I have total sympathy for people whose tailor their CVs to game the recruitment agencies.
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Also: Bear in mind that people who work for recruitment agencies are by no means experts in the IT fields that they represent. If you just call them about specific jobs and hassle them to send your CV to the companies who are actually hiring then you will find a more receptive audience.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, it appears that just by adding spaces to my resume, it goes shooting back up to the top of the heap, all other search phrases being equal with the competition.
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