Do you remember "She Stole My Boot"?
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Can you help me remember a site from quite some time ago that featured a story named something to the effect of "She Stole My Boot"?

I don't remember the last time I visited this site and I have no idea why the story popped into my head this afternoon, but it did and I can't find it and I suspect it's probably gone now.

The story was about a guy who (maybe joined an online dating site and) ended up dating two women. One was a single mother, fun but sort of down to earth and protective of her daughter. The other was a more outgoing and exiting woman.

I'm pretty sure that the site as a whole featured more than just the story, but beyond that I don't remember too much more.
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Best answer: Maybe this?
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Response by poster: That is it exactly, thank you!
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Best answer: weird. i was just thinking about a site that was around probably ten years ago and sounds like what you're describing. was it the story "she hates my futon" on the site ""?

it lives here now:
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Holy crap, I've thought about this off and on for years, too. I think it was set in St. Louis, and there was an "upstairs bar" involved.
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Years ago, probably 2002 or thereabouts I happened to find that site while searching for a new futon. I started reading it around 11pm, and pretty much stayed up until I had finished it. Great story, I hope he actually finishes it.
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Whoa. Add this to my list of "awesome things from St. Louis' Internet-relevant past."
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Oh yeah, this is a great piece of fiction. I remember emailing the guy about 10 years ago asking if he was going to ever finish it and shop it around as a book. It's very entertaining and very funny.

I vividly remember the chapter where he takes his date (gf?) to the local park and they end up naked, running from the cops, or something to that effect.

A smashing good read.
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I'd love to know more about this story and the writer's relationship with St. Louis.

I mean, I never heard anyone from St. Louis call it the "St. Louis Arch". It's either the Arch or maybe The Gateway Arch or maybe "The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial" if your trying to sound like a satire of a tour guide.

Also, I recognize places in the story, but they don't line up with other places that, in the story, they're allegedly right next to. It's a couple miles from Baxter and Clayton to the nearest Taco Bell (and it's a couple miles of house and chain link fences.

Nobody would say, “Clayton Road!” I interupt her. “Are we that far out?”" since it runs east/west.

And I'm pretty sure the Rocket Ship slide big enough for two drunken adults (don't ask me how I know this) is about a mile from my house (or was until they re-did it). Actually, until reading his blog, I was only guessing about the rocket park (it's a park, not a school) - here he points out that they re-did it which pretty much confirms my hunch.

And I think the bar in Bloomington is actually a place in Carbondale but I'm even less sure about that than I was the Rocket slide.

The story is great but I know enough about the places he knits together to create his locations that it kind of breaks my suspension of disbelief.
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I wonder what happened in the last couple of months since this was posted; the site seems to be down again now. Anyone know anything about what might've occurred?
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I just got word from a friend, who introduced me to the story, that the new chapter should be up next week.
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