Alternatives to running while recovering from peroneal tendonitis?
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I've been forced to take a break from running due to peroneal tendonitis (developed during week 6 of the Couch to 5K program). Can you give me some ideas for alternative types of exercises that will not aggravate the peroneal tendon? I plan to try biking, but I'm wondering what other options are out there. I do not have access to a pool. Thanks!
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At the risk of being too obvious, lifting weights?
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Circuit training with weights. It'll get your heart rate up so that you're getting in some good cardio, plus it'll build more muscle, which is an added bonus.
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Best answer: These muscles are primarily for stabilization so biking and elliptical type machines without impact should be ok but stop at the first sign of discomfort. These exercises will maintain your cardio fitness for running but your legs will still be relatively out of shape when you go back so take it easy when you do. I would hope that your doc prescribed some physical therapy so do those exercises and ask your therapist about exercises. Weight training is a good idea, but you have shown a propensity with this injury to overuse injuries so take it easy. My issue with things like couch to 5k etc. is that they try to be one size fits all. Most people will not experience overuse injury on these programs but many willl. Listen to your body and if it is still in pain two days later, back off the intensity a bit This goes for running, cycling, weights, whatever. Some lunges and leg exercises will help harden you against future leg issues when you return to running but don't do them if they inflame your injured tendons. Most runners overtrain their hamstrings so do some quad training to balance things out. Lunges and front squats are great for this. Use light weights and use good form. Lunges can be done without weight or with barbells. If it hurts your injured tendon, move on to other exercises.
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Running totally wrecks my legs--from the arches of my feet to my knees to my hips. I run two miles and I am in serious pain for at least 48 hours. I can do 3000 skipropes and am totally winded after but there is no pain in my legs.
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