Help me identify this female R&B/Pop artist.
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I heard a retro song by a female R&B/Pop artist on Pandora and now can't remember any identifying details. Help?

Here's all of the info that may be relevant that I have:

The station was probably one that I created based on Janelle Monae, but if not, it probably included some female R&B artists like Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys. The song I heard was more pop than that, though.

The song had a very catchy retro sound and I remember thinking that it sampled a famous song. The album cover featured a portrait shot of a conventially attractive, light skinned woman of color with long, curly black hair. The background was in a blue tone. Her name may have been French, and may have started with an A.

I have a feeling that she's a popular or trendy artist and I'm just not aware because I'm out of the loop. Annoyingly, as soon as I wanted to know who she is, Pandora stopped playing any music by her, and of course I didn't bookmark.
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Sure it wasn't Alicia Keys? Her album 'As I Am' cover art sort of matches the description, and the song Teenage Love Affair is retro-sounding.
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Best answer: Could it be Amel Larrieux?
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Was the album Amerie - All I have?
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Amy Winehouse, and the song "Tears Dry On Their Own", which heavily samples "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"? The whole album sounds like it is sampling something from the 60s, but that's the most obvious one. There were a lot of big hits on it.
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You probably already know this, but if you gave the song a thumb's up you can see it on the "edit station details" page.
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Can you find someone with an iPhone or iPad and hum it into SoundHound?
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I would think Amy Winehouse would be a stretch, but here is an album cover of her on a blue background. Can't hurt to look.
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amel larrieux
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Try Melanie Fiona. Her song "Give It To Me Right" is based on a sample of The Zombies' "Time of the Season", and the cover art description seems about right.
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Response by poster: Sorry that I haven't responded to anyone. It was Amel Larrieux, specifically from this album! I still don't know which song it was, but now I can probably find out.
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