Fix my weird Firefox scrolling issue?
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Ugh. My cat walked on my keyboard and now Firefox scrolls funny. Can you fix it?

The up/down arrow and page up/down keys aren't working as intended, though all other methods are still working normally. The keys will do things like jump immediately to the bottom of the page, overrule attempts to scroll back up with forced returns to the bottom of the page, and inserting a blinking text cursor into everything and moving that around instead. Firefox is the only thing having this problem, and it persists after restarting both it and the computer. Please advise; it's cramping my style.
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The blinking text cursor can be resolved by going to about:config and setting accessibility.browsewithcaret to false, I believe. The other stuff is all in there somewhere, though it sounds a bit more involved than smooth/auto-scrolling setup. I would just delete prefs.js and then make the usual GUI/settings customizations again rather than hunt for each individual setting.
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Best answer: Sounds like caret browsing. Try F7.

Also, check if your scroll lock is on, just in case.
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Response by poster: ...Annnnd done! Thanks, folks!
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