A place to call a reasonably priced hotel in Toronto.
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Toronto hotels filter: I'm coming to Toronto at the end of the month for a week and need to find a (very?) nice hotel no more than two blocks away from Bloor Street (at about Yonge or so - I think the area is called Yorkville but I'm not sure) at a reasonable price. We're two adults, one shopping and one working, and one baby and the prices we've found so far are quite insane ($500+ per night). Thanks!
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The InterContinental seems to have rooms for $235 a night, although I imagine it depends on your exact dates. I can't vouch for the rooms, but the location would be great.
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That's probably the most espensive part of the city to stay in, especially for "very nice" hotels. Is the two-block radius flexible at all? I think you'll find that of your three criteria (with two blocks of Yorkville, nice, and cheap) you will have to compromise on one.

If you're sticking to downtown, check out other hotels along the Bloor or Yonge subway lines. The Delta Chelsea isn't in your radius (though centrally located in the city) but when I stayed there it was nice and they usually have good deals on rates.
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We stayed at One King West a couple of years ago whilst visiting Toronto. I recall it being quite reasonably priced, and we were really pleased with the hotel and its location.
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I travel fairly frequently to Toronto, and usually use Hotwire for the hotel. A quick search for the last week in May, focusing on Downtown Toronto East and Downtown Toronto West, showed a couple decent possibilities. There is a 4 star hotel including spa at $112 a night in the East area - I believe this is either the Sutton Place or Westin Castle Harbour.

Depending on your level of flexibility and adventure, this is usually the least expensive way of reserving a nicer hotel room.
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My mom stayed at the Selby (warning: music on the page, what the hell are we in 1995??) a couple years ago while visiting. It's old-fashioned but quite nice and clean from what I remember (she stayed in the Hadley Hemingway suite which had a nice big tub/bathroom), and I don't think too expensive.

It's only a few blocks away from the Bloor/Yonge and Yorkville area. Apparently you can get a room with two double beds for $165 or so per night, and when I checked for 4-5 nights, the rate was more like $135.
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I'd second the Intercontinental (be careful, there are two of them in Toronto) in the sub-$300/night category. (Though, to be clear, my only direct experience with them is from going to their top-floor bar; I've also had friends stay there.) I've also been inside the newer Hazelton hotel (a block or two from Bloor) and it was pretty posh; looks to me like it's going for $360ish. Same for the Four Seasons -- not really clear why their "buy two nights, get the third free" promo isn't working for your dates. Maybe there's a convention in town or something?

Those are pretty much your options if you want to be within a few blocks of the Bloor/Yonge intersection. If you're willing to take public transit from elsewhere in the city, of course, there are a million places at more reasonable prices.
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I've stayed at the Marriott at Bloor & Yonge and it is nice - typical Marriot.
Their site indicates that rooms at the end of this month are between $170 and $300 (CAD).
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Toronto is pretty walkable, and easy to get around using public transit, so don't be too upset if you need to leave the radius.
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I'm with AV: The last two times that I've been in Toronto, I've stayed at the Delta Chelsea. I didn't spend a lot of time in the hotel itself, but it seems like it might fit your needs other than the precise location.
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For any future researchers, based on a MefiMail tip I stayed at Sutton Place, on Bay street and a few blocks south of Bloor. It was great - large rooms, reasonably priced and a short walk to the shops (and an even shorter walk to the park which was ideal as the weather was great).
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