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Help us plan our road trip out West

This June, we're planning a month long trip through Colorado and southern Utah in Cream Tangerine, our trusted, TDI equipped, Westfalia camper. A tentative itineray is available here. We'd like to hear from you: any advice, recommendation or warning is welcome (things not to miss, to avoid, nice places to camp, etc.). You can write here, or put a comment on our map.

We like to meet people, so if you happen to live along our route, we'd be happy to stop by and say hello, if possible.
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You have to visit the Swetsville Zoo outside of Fort Collins.
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Bryce and Zion in Southern Utah. Both are breathtaking.
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If you're not squeamish about heights, hike Angel's Landing in Zion. It gets a little crowded, but the views from the top are well worth it.
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I used to live in Moab. It is insanely beautiful (as is most Southern Utah) and one of the only sizable towns down there, so its worth a stop.

Eddie McStiff's...aww yes. They do have beer other than the 3.2 stuff. Most bars will - but not on tap (it's illegal). It's worth a stop at Eddie's for a buffalo burger. They have a special upstairs lounge with special pricing for locals...so if you know anyone there...

If you really wanna do it up right, though, I recommend going to the Geezer, who doubles as the town butcher and minister, and pick up some thick sliced bacon and head out to some BLM land, like Horsethief or Onion Creek, and frying that shit up cowboy style.

For fancy eating in Moab, you can hit up Center Street Cafe or the Desert Bistro.

The liquor store in Moab is the only one in the area, so if you're into that, make use of it. It's State Liquor Store #27. It's closed on the weekend and it closes early during the week (6 or 7). It's the only place to get liquor, wine and not 3.2 beer.

My favorite bar in Moab is Woody's.

The whole area around Moab is a wonderland. There's arches and canyonlands, obviously, but there's a lot of local-ish stuff that is also incredible, depending on how much time you have (and do go to arches and canyonlands...it's really important that you do). But some fun local stuff:
-ask about the swimming hole and the cowboy jacuzzis up Mill Creek.
-Hunter and Gatherer canyons.
-Potash Road dinosaur footprints (really!)

If you need groceries, go to Moonflower Market. It's been there since the 60's when they used to sell weed and lsd out of the back (hence the name). They have great local, organic stuff - and if you go toward the end of the day you can usually score some half-priced produce and/or free bread.

As far as arches and canyonlands go: if you're going to do one hike in Arches, go see delicate arch. If you can do two hikes, hike out to the Dark Angel at the end of the Devil's Playground. In canyonlands, Murphy's point is nice if you want a short hike with a great view. Or just drive to the end of Island in the Sky and check out the lookout. I really like the needles district, but it's a bit more of a jaunt.

That's all I got for now. Memail if you have any Moab questions.

Have fun!
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Once you get your itinerary more tied down, couldn't hurt to post it to the grey. That's where meetups and attempted meetups (some are, sadly, stillborn) are processed.
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The town of Cortez, Co is closest to Mesa Verde, and worthy of a stop if only to have a beer at Mesa Cerveza (on Main St, right 'downtown'). If you're around in the morning, break your fast at Pippo's Cafe - some of the best huevos rancheros I've ever had.
Colorado National Monument is also vastly underrated IMO - try camping somewhere 'up top' for incredible sunrise/sunsets.
I'm jealous - looks like a great trip to what mr dbmcd and I call the "holy land".
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It would change your route but hwy 550 through Ouray, Silverton and Durango is friggin' unbelievable as in probably the most spectacular mountain driving in the states (over two or three passes). gorgeous.
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