Suggestions for Backpacking in the Cache Creek Wilderness Area in Northern California?
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Suggestions for a weekend backpacking trip to the Cache Creek Wilderness Area in Northern California?

I'd like to go on a short backpacking trip this weekend (May 8-9) to the Cache Creek Wilderness area in Yolo County, California. Anybody have experience with this place? Trail or route suggestions? Good campsites? Ideally, I'd like a decently tough hike that ends in a nice area for camping. Other suggestions in the area (not necessarily Cache Creek Wildnerness area) are very welcome!
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Yolohiker is a good site to start with. There's links to relevant agencies, and trail maps. I've gone on a few of the Berryessa area dayhikes, but not much else listed there.
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Jeez, this is in my neck of the woods and I didn't even know it was there. Wish I could help you with recommendations, but I can only provide a suggestion based on a hike earlier this week in the Berryessa area -- watch for rattlesnakes.
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