Methotrexate off the market?
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I need help finding the production status of the drug methotrexate in injectable form.

I have moderate to severe psoriatic arthritis along with ankylosing spondilitis, i.e. bad, bad arthritis in my back. In trying to get my prescription filled for injectable methotrexate, the pharmacy told me it is now "unavailable" for sale. They have no other information, just that the wholesalers do not carry it anymore.

I can't seem to find anything through google, google news, or psoriasis and arthritis forums about a production shutdown but no one (pharmacies and three doctors) seems to know what is going on. Anyone have an idea on where to look or have the info themselves?
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Best answer: Apparently there's been a backorder.
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Best answer: If methotrexate really had been pulled altogether, it would have been a major news story, what with all the other arthritis drugs in the news. If I'm not mistaken, it's still considered a primary treatment for AS, whether with TNFs (like Remicade/infliximab) or on its own. (Me, I'm still on NSAIDs for my AS.)

(And thanks, shoos, for that link. Very useful.)
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Best answer: Have you tried contacting other manufacturers, like Mayne Pharma? Not sure how helpful they will be, but it's worth a try, no?
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Response by poster: Thanks shoos. For some reason I just couldn't seem to find that. Also, mds35 thanks for the tip on the supplier info. mcwetboy already has my thanks for the AS support he gave me earlier...
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The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists' website has a Drug Shortages Resource Center where you can find out about these kinds of things. Methotrexate injection is on the "Limited Availability" list right now:

• Methotrexate Injection
Strength: 25 mg/mL, 1 g powder vials
Comment: Methotrexate injection is in short supply due to manufacturing delays. American Pharmaceutical Partners has all products on back order until March 2005. Bedford has the 25 mg/mL 4-mL preservative-free injection (NDC 55390-0032-10) available and expects to release the 25 mg/mL 2-mL preservative-free injection by February 4, 2005. Bedford’s 25 mg/mL 8-mL and 10-mL preservative-free injection are on back order until late April 2005. Mayne has the 20 mg (NDC 66479-0137-21) lyophilized powder for injection available. Mayne also has the 25 mg/mL 2-mL injection with preservative available for direct purchase by hospitals, pharmacies, and physician's offices (1-866-594-8420); the company will not be shipping product to wholesalers. The company has all other products on back order with no release date. (02/02/05, University of Utah, Drug Information Service)
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Response by poster: mokujin,

Thanks for the info. I was able to call Mayne and find a pharmacy to pick it up here in Portland. I appreciate the help.
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