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QuoteFilter: Who is the original source of the quote "If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention"?
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I remember the late great Paul Wellstone saying it a lot. Was he quoting someone else?
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I'm pretty sure that started life as a bumper sticker. At least, it's been around in that form since, I think, the 70s.
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I've read it as "if you aren't appalled, you haven't been paying attention." Maybe searching for that will help.
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Earliest I've found so far is Mother Jones: "If you're queer and you're not angry in 1992, you're not paying attention."

Interestingly, the very first similar phrasing I can find in GNA is the sharp but unfamous columnist-editor Donald Kaul, who wrote in 1989 "If you're not cynical, you're probably not paying attention." Still, even his usage has a riff of a pop culture reference. The earliest mention of the bumper sticker I can find (and there are many) is around 1992.
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