That Blacklight Sound.
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Electric Day-Glo Acid Music? Looking for songs that invoke a feeling of hot pink and neon fantasia that isn't largely electronic (analog synth is oky. Moody is okay but upbeat preferred. Bonus points for songs that reference color in the lyrics.
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Boy. This immediately calls to mind eschatfische's question for me, but I'm not sure you and I have the same mental image of "electric day-glo acid music."
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Status Quo, Pictures of Matchstick Men. "When I look up to the sky / I see your eyes a funny kind of yellow"
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Phil Cordell, Red Lady

Can, I'm So Green
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Strawberry Alarm Clock, Incense of Peppermint mentions "color of thyme." Plus, Peppermint is sort of a color, as is Strawberry.
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teddybear stockholm - yours to keep
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The Move, I Can Hear the Grass Grow.
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My White Bicycle by Tomorrow.
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Dukes of Stratosphear - What in the World
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Apples in Stereo I'd start with New Magnetic Wonder album, of which Same Old Drag is maybe the most poppy single, but there's lots of non-electronic psychedelica. But AiS's Her Wallpaper Reverie is perhaps the most "day-glo."
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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Are You Experienced. Within You Without You. White Rabbit. The End. The HAIR original cast recording. TOMMY. JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

There was, you know, a whole psychedelic period in pop music, c. 1966-1968.
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Danny Hutton, Roses and Rainbows.
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Caribou - Melody Day
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Continuing my theme. . .
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Can't believe no one's mentioned this yet - Purple Haze.

Also, seconding Incense and Peppermints. and White Rabbit.
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You might give The Pinker Tones a listen, particularly Sonido Total, Karma Hunters, or pretty much anything from The Million Colour Revolution. A few songs might be a little electronic-y(Maybe Next Saturday comes to mind, still a fantastic song, though), but I think most of it would fit the bill.

I haven't heard any of their newer stuff, but the next album they put out was titled More Colours! so it might be more of what you're looking for?
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Oh, and I hartily recommend the album Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb by Tripping Daisy. It's best heard straight through.
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Well, since analog synth seems to be okay... allow me to be (shockingly) the first to suggest Black Moth Super Rainbow.

All analog synths, mellotron, trippy delay, some good crunchy bass played through an Orange amp...and a vocoder.
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Blondie: Pretty Baby is upbeat, & its lyrics include 'you look so heavenly / a neon nebula'; and Fade Away and Radiate, while not upbeat, has mention of a 'blue blue neon glow.'
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As much as I hate to recommend the rippin' Joe Satriani guitar solo music of the electronic dance music world - try any decent psytrance or goa trance.

I'm not a fan of the noodly synth lines that are all too contrived - yet still obviously self-referential and telegraphing - but on a big sound system that stuff will reach in through your ears and mess around with your head.
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Oh, and here's a BMSR track that references the color pink: The Afternoon Turns Pink
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Argh, didn't read all of the question - please ignore my worst possible answer.
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Donovan - Colours
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Crimson and Clover
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I suggest seeking out these two double-CD sets from Amorphous Androgynous (AKA Future Sound Of London): A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind Vols 1 and 2. They're full of delicious psychedelic goodness gathered from the past 40 years of recorded music from all over the world. That third album listed on that page is also a great example of the genre, although it's not nearly as eclectic (as it's not a compilation album)

Plus, it may be the best album title of ALL TIME.
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Pink Floyd. You could lose yourself for a couple entire acid trips with their entire catalog. That band and that drug were on the exact same color wavelength.
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The Emperor Tomato Ketchup record by Stereolab, especially Metronomic Underground (the actual recorded track--the live youtube videos don't do the song justice).
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Googly's right about the Dukes of Stratosphear. I'd say most of their songs would fit the bill.
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Uh, wow. Sounds like (and looks like) FM CAMPERS to me.
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How about a little Nina Simone?
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