What to see and buy in Oslo
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I have about 10 hours spare in Oslo as part of my itineray for my friends wedding. What should I see in Oslo in that time? Also, I want to buy a present for my awesome wife who is letting me go, and who I will miss terribly while there. Any recommendations for some Norwegian presents for her?

I'll be going to Oslo for a friends wedding. I am pretty much locked into an awesome trip of glacier hiking, fjord viewing, family-owned-cabin-overlooking-mountains-drinking-Akvavit times. However I land at 10am in Oslo and would like to get out, see the sights etc before meeting up with my friends late that evening. What should I do, straight from the airport?

My wife (who is letting me go on this trip) deserves an awesome unique present. What should I buy her while I'm there? Food probably isn't a great idea as Australia can be quite strict on bringing food back into the country.
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If you're into history: Viking Ship Museum & Norsk Folkmuseum :)
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I really liked :

the National art gallery (it has The Scream by Munch, among other things)

the Vigeland Sculpture Park (some amazing large scale sculptures - one of my favourite memories of Europe)
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Also: re the gift - Oslo has some beautiful silver jewellery and hand-made wool jumpers with silver clasps. Would either of these appeal to your wife?
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Best answer: Norway here! Ten hours layover...Hmmm...I would highly recommend a stroll down the main walking street leading past the parliment and to the castle gardens. But, let's start with the logistics.

1. Train from OSL to Oslo takes approx 25 or 40 minutes depending if you take the express FlyToget (22mins - costs 170kr - track 1&2 at OSL) or NSB local train (39 mins - costs 106kr - track 3&4 at OSL). Drop off in Oslo city centre is at the bottom of Karl Johan's Gate.

2. Lockers are available for day use at the Train Station. Ask an attendent for their location.

3. I snagged a quick map highlighting karl johens gate. See here.. It is extremely straightforward walk and takes you through the main parts of the city.

4. After the walk and a look around the castle. I suggest the following things.

Take a tram to Vigeland Park in Frogner to look at the sculptures. Takes about 10 mins from the castle. Well worth it especially if the weather is nice.

On the tram back, Take a beer sitting outside at Aker Brygge, which affords one panaramic views of the Oslo fjord.

Then walk on over to the fortress overlooking the fjord across from Aker Brygge. It is a truly inspiring place.

Afterwards, you are close enough to walk back to the train station in five minutes. Simple and fun.

In regards as to what to buy, I leave that to your discretion, but i would suggest looking at some of our fantastic sculpture and design items at Norway Designs.
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Best answer: If your wife likes salty things try some of the "candy" which comes in delightful flavors like fish, reindeer, blubber, and seal! (kidding. sort of.) Seriously though: salt lakris will grow on you , they have some delightful taffy-like candy & caramels. Try Tyrkisk Peber, which I still don't believe is actually candy that kids would ever eat.
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Best answer: I don't know what your wife is into, but here are some thoughts: Kari Traa designer technical outdoorsy wear, glass wares either from Hadeland Glassverk or a local craftsperson (last link local to me in Kongsberg, here is the Yellow Pages for glass blowers), silver as mentioned (here is the Yellow Pages for silversmiths).
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Best answer: When you go glaciering, pick up a small rock at the edge of the glacier and bring it home to your wife. It's probably going to be smooth and nice from eons trapped under the ice.

Give your wife the little rock.

She gets a souvenir from the ice-age, and the rock gets a long deserved vacation in the sun.
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Best answer: My grandmother used to paint in the Rosemaling style, which is a Norwegian folk art. So maybe a souvenir in that style would be nice.
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Response by poster: Perhaps some more information about my trip would be useful.

I arrive at 10am in Oslo. That night I will be staying at Aastad gård, 20 k's outside Oslo. After that a 6 day trip that includes Geilo, Jostedalen, Breheimsenteret, Nigardsbreen, Hellesylt, Bøverdalen and Lom and then back to Oslo. Worth noting I don't really know what all those places involve, I'm trusting my friends. I'll be staying at Aastad gård whenever in Oslo.

So I figured the only time to see Oslo itself would be the day I arrive.

Thanks Funmonkey1, appreciate the local advice. The gift ideas are all awesome too!
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