Help me choose a name for my Etsy store.
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Help me name my Etsy store. As far as words are concerned, I'm completely lacking in the creativity department and I look to you guys for help.

I'll be selling jewelry that incorporates vintage beads and components with new. In addition, I sometimes use various interesting parts and things that aren't meant for jewelry into the designs. I might create a blog to go along with the store also, so I'm looking for something catchy that can easily be remembered. I'm at a total and complete loss for any ideas and I hope you guys can help me out. Thanks!
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Is there some reason you don't want to use Mary Dellamorte?
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You can do the time-honoured band/art movement manifesto trick and randomly stab at words in the dictionary (or perhaps do a thesaurus/wiki search based on a random word). Or, you can comb through some of your favourite books, songs, films, etc., for name-worthy references. Or, is there a local landmark that you like? You might consider taking a notebook around your neighborhood, jotting down random stuff that you see/hear, and going from there...
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Follow The Beader
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made up of the Latin for 'glass' and 'deep' or 'high'
(could also be written: vitraltus, vitreltus)

made up of the Latin for 'glass' and 'old' or 'ancient'

Commandes de Verre
from the French for 'glass orders'

Bêtes de Verre
from the French for 'glass beasts'
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Beadstorming (a play on brainstorming)

Bead Époque (a play on Belle Époque, the Edwardian period of many beautiful and charming things)

Beads Revisited (a play on the novel Brideshead Revisited, also evokes a sense of vintage)

Beady eyes
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The Foundery.

Or (stealing shamelessly from bearwife and Oceanesque):

Bead Attitude.
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Criteria for your consideration... The name should:

a) be easy to spell
b) correspond to an available domain name for the blog
c) avoid limiting you to jewelry and/or beads, or even apparel, since you may wish to make (or comment on a wide array of topics
d) convey that your wares are original designs, even if the materials are vintage or repurposed, but doesn't trap you into a nostalgia corner.
e) represent how the customers view themselves, as well as your designs.

Hence, I recommend avoiding puns, foreign languages and the overly cute. What might work?

"Dellamorte," which reminds me of Rodarte.
"Glow," which conveys freshness and happiness and inner spirit (and sex)
"Treat" which connotes food and fun and whimsical self-indulgence without being spendy
"Original Flux" just for one that incorporates the word "Original" which can do double or triple duty for you and hasn't yet become ubiquitous, unlike "authentic". (avoid "unique", which is irritating overkill, or "creative" which is protesting too much. "Back to the Future" relied on the original flux capacitor, which is how I got to this.
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Mary Quite Contrary.
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Well Worn Beads
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Dellamorte does sound like a good designer name, by itself, or maybe as Vintage Dellamorte
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Do you have a favorite animal or flower, or something else in the world with which you feel a particular affinity?
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Borrowed & Blue
Sweet Alchemy
Blue melange
nostalgia new
Deluxe Redux
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Bespoke Jewelry
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Carmicha is on the right track with her suggestions. I guess I never thought about using Dellamorte in the name. It's just the last name of a character in one of my favorite movies (Dellamorte Dellamore aka Cemetery Man) and I love the sound of it. To answer amtho, I'm pretty much obsessed with birds. Cats would be a close second.
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Well, I was going to suggest Catbird but someone who sells jewelry etc. has snagged it. Some more thoughts:

Pretty Bird.

Flight Feathers.

Bird in the Mirror.

The Della Bird store.

Bella Della's
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can we see some pictures to inspire the imagination
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l'Oiseau Dellamorte

Shine Awing

Magpie's Delight

Soft, Hard, and Sparkly

Feather's Edge

Avien Amor

Avienne Dellamorte



Nest of Clockwork

Nest of Jewels

Nest of Hands

What Birds Would Make

Clever Beaks

Gilded Talon

Gaudy Claw

Fancy Manx

One or two concrete, real, visible, imaginable things can set the imagination a'going!
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Advice without any real suggestions:

Something I find quaint, and high class is when you take a common phrase, and replace on of the words with a rhyming word that fits your category. For example, you'd take 'blue bird', and turn it into 'shoe bird', for shoe sales, or turn 'alley cat' to 'finale cat' for film/theater. I cant really think of one that would fit for jewelry, but here are some words to manipulate:


Actual suggestions:
Jewel Renewal
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No Good Bead
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Impeccable Mishmosh
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Nobody's suggested "Beads of a Feather"?
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