Need a new hair stylist somewhere between Watertown, MA and Lowell, MA.
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Need a new hair stylist somewhere between Watertown, MA and Lowell, MA.

I live in Lowell and work in Watertown. I'd like to find a new stylist that is somewhere along my way home so I go after work. The only requirement is someone who can give me a "hip" haircut that works for me with little direction. I'd prefer recommendations of specific stylists, but just a salon is fine.
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I'd recommend Haircuts, Inc. (a Massachusetts chain with consistently good employees), but I'm a guy so I don't know whether they're good for stylists.
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It's a bit out of your way depending where in Watertown you work, but Michael's Salon on Harvard St in Brookline is great.

I've seen Caitlin and really like her. While I don't ask for more than a do I can wash and wear, I fully believe she could do and likely has done "hip." She books up to a month in advance, though. The other stylists, I'm sure, are just as good and many of them I'm sure also book up to a month in advance. I bet if you called, they could hook you up with the stylist most appropriate to your desires and needs.
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Blue in Lexington (right off 128) is pretty good.
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