Recommend a cleaning lady in Columbus, OH!
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In search of an awesome cleaning lady in Columbus, OH.

Mom's having some serious back issues, and while Dad's super helpful in the house and the yard I know it's making household things a little stressful for them. I have an amazing cleaning lady here in Boston I'd send down to them but I doubt she'd make the trip.

So: looking for recs for a cleaning person/service in Columbus, whom you trust not only not to steal your shit but also to not do things like spill bleachy cleaning chemicals on the dark carpet (which the last cleaning lady my parents tried did). Hopefully reasonably priced for a 1500 or so sq ft house. Feel free to MeMail me if you don't feel comfortable posting something in here.

[Note that I don't mean to be sexist -- maybe there are cleaning men who are good -- but every one I've seen/heard of is female. So feel free to recommend any non-female cleaners you may know of.]
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Make it easy on yourself and use a service.
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Response by poster: I'd prefer someone independent, but if that doesn't work out I'd like any references for services people have. None of the Merry Maid/Molly Maid/etc groups seem to have reviews on Yelp for Columbus.
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