Where's a good spot to eat in central London tonight if I'm eating alone?
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LondonSoloDiningFilter: Quick! I'm in London and my dinner date has bailed on me. Where's a good spot to eat in central London tonight if I'm eating alone?

I'm happy to spend about £30, I'm not hungry enough for three courses, and I eat pretty much everything, though I prefer lighter style food with lots of vegetables.
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Best answer: Barrafina? Its a big long counter basically. They dont take reservations either.
Or Polpo which also has a bar.
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Wagamama is a good chain to go to - you sit on benches, the food has loads of veg-heavy options.

Failing that, you could try one of these:

- Yo Sushi (you can sit at the counters - it's a chain)
- Wahaca - informal Mexican food, informal seating
- Hummus Bros - cheapo hummus-centric food, also bench seating

See also this article from Time Out on the best places for solo dining. Busaba Eathai is good, and set up by the same guy that started Wagamama. Ranoush Juice is a good chain lebanese place. Barrafina is a first rate tapas place. The first two will not break your budget.
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I was going to come in here to rep Wagamama too. I love that place.
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If you want company, memail me or rtha. We're at a hotel near Hyde Park.
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Response by poster: Thanks all - I opted for Polpo in the end and it was damn good - thoroughly and heartily recommended.
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