How to prevent queefing?
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How to prevent air from entering my vagina during rear-entry sex? (NSFW, obvs.)

My lovely partner and I want to enjoy a wider variety of sexual positions. I (a heterosexual female) enjoy the feeling of rear-entry vaginal intercourse, but we keep running into the same problem. After five minutes of sex, it will begin to feel uncomfortable as more and more air enters my vagina. It's like I have some sort of pump or vacuum system. When he pulls out, vaginal flatulence of hilarious length and timbre commences. This does not occur in any other positions. Additional lubrication has not helped. Any ideas for preventing the discomfort and subsequent serenade?
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Have you tried slowing down, and having him not come out so far with every thrust?
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Tell him not to pull so far out. It is a bit hard to see from his perspective, but the front side of things (that is facing the bed) doesn't line up the same way the backside of things (facing up) does in this position. It might look to him like he's still in a few inches, but on the underside he's mere millimeters away from being out. Air creeps in on the underside there. So tell him to stay in a bit more.

Another option would be to have him put his legs on the outside of yours. This'll squeeze your legs together and should tighten things up a bit.

Also be careful, I believe there is a serious risk of air embolism when air is forced in there. I'd stop as soon as its uncomfortable and let it air escape before continuing.

Good luck.
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The angle's wrong. Instead of being a simple piston, he's pushing down a bit on the upstroke. Your vagina gets pulled open enough to introduce some air from above his penis, then he pushes back up, makes the seal, and thrusts. Then the cycle begins again on the next downstroke.

I don't know if it's his technique or if the height's bad. Can he concentrate on just going in and out without any vertical movement? Can he kneel on something like a firm pillow, if your heights make no vertical movement impossible? Then try your knees on the pillow if it's still happening.

Also, I think it's less likely, but you might be the one doing the vertical movement. But someone's dropping or elevating at a particular moment in the cycle.
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Thirding having him not pull out so far. (The plus side of that is you might find out how fantastic it feels when he does this. Speaking from personal experience...)
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Have him not pull out so far. Or, every once in a while, have him pull all the way out and let your pussy purge.

Also be careful, I believe there is a serious risk of air embolism when air is forced in there. I'd stop as soon as its uncomfortable and let it air escape before continuing.

Everything I've ever heard is that it takes serious pressure to actually cause a gas embolism. Doggy-style is not going to do it.

If you google "vaginal air embolism", and read the stuff posted by actual doctors, everybody says, "Yeah, it's possible, but it happens very rarely." As one doctor says, "The medical litterature [sic] only describes case reports of such occurrences, which means that this is something quite rare, i don't think you need to worry about it. "

That is, there are reports of vaginal air embolism. But it is not a simple cause-and-effect result. And there are literally hundreds of millions of women who queef after sex their whole lives for each one that dies of embolism.
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