Best Breakfast in San Francisco. Go!
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Best Breakfast in San Francisco. Go!
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Dotties True Blue, hands down. Shitty neighborhood, massive lines, amazing food.
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I always liked the pork store. Real hash browns, none of that home fries bullshit.
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Had a few great brunches at Canteen while I still lived up there. The chai lattes, omigod.
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Probably off-topic to represent Oakland and say Brown Sugar Kitchen but I'll hazard it.
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I had brunch at Just For You last week and thought it was delicious. Also, you could take a look at this article that just came out in SFGate.
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Brunch at the Palace is absolutely redonkulous.
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As a southerner I have to say that Brown Sugar Kitchen is merely ok, not bad but not great.

If you are going to the east bay, go to 900 Grayson in Berkeley and get the chicken & waffles.
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Get the Eggs in a Tasty Nest at the Pork Store (whichever one you go to).
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I posted too quickly! I was way, way too excited about this question! The biscuits (cream) and jam are so good and everything I have tried, I've LOVED. I usually get a special, especially served with the grits. MMMmmm.
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I have really enjoyed Zazie. Discovered there that I actually do like eggs benedict. Gingerbread pancakes with lemon curd on top were so good, too. Lemon-flavored sweet-but-not-too-sweet moist coffeecake hot out of the oven + strong cup of coffee = heaven.

Long waits on weekends, crowded-yet-cute patio seating available in addition to indoors cafe-style small tables. Was recently there for a conference and slipped away for a weekday breakfast, 10-15 minute train ride from Moscone area, no wait and plenty of tables available.
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Chez Maman. Not just for breakfast but super tasty. Oh so tasty.
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Cafe Divine in North Beach has a fantastic riff on eggs benedict involving smoked salmon and spinach on cheese/chive biscuits.

If you're in the East Bay on a Sunday, the Wat Mongkolratanaram temple in Berkeley serves a Thai-cuisine brunch that is not to be missed.
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Squat and Gobble has good omeletes and stuffed crepes. It has five locations in the city, making it easy for most to get to one.
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We had intentions of trying a lot of these places on our first trip to San Fran last year. Ended up eating breakfast at Honey Honey every morning. It was too good.
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Mission Beach Cafe has an amazing brunch.
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Tartine. Tartine. Tartine.
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Boogaloos, if you like your deliciously greasy diner food served to you by even greasier hipsters. Warning: always a damn long wait.
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Dottie's True Blue Cafe and Mama's are both really popular (read: long lines) and really delicious options.

Really the BEST breakfast is to go to the Ferry Plaza farmer's market, buy some Acme bread, some Cowgirl Creamery cheese, some Blue Bottle coffee (or Peet's, if you want to avoid the line), some in-season fruit, and have yourself a most-delicious feast. In fact, since all of those places have shops all the Ferry Plaza building, you could really do this any day of the week.
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yes, Tartine.
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Nobody ever seems to want to venture west of Divisadero whenever these SF posts occur. I nominate Rain Tree Cafe in the Inner Sunset, 654 Irving.

Some of the Yelp reviews are harsh because they were expecting some sort of Alice Waters or Tom Keller experience (or else they're snooty jerks who want everything to be Mill Valley perfection).

If you want Alice Waters, go to Chez Panisse. If you want solid, good-portioned, old-fashioned breakfast in a fabulous underrated neighborhood, go to Rain Tree.
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Oh God, yes; Tartine.
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seconding brenda's. crawfish beignets for breakfast.
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Dim Sum in Chinatown!
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nthing brenda's and tartine. YUM. well worth the lines.
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Seconding rio's gingerbread pancakes at Zazie. I live on the same block and try to get there on the weekdays before work when I go. The lines are too crazy for me on the weekend.
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Universal Cafe

the cazuela dish or challah custard toast at Olea

Tartine is great for bakery items

Mama's has a lot of oil and sugar in their dishes
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Sit down: Canteen
Take-out: The Sentinel

(I may have a chef crush on Denis Leary. Sue me.)

Brenda's is also great though. Oh and I had some ridiculously good french toast at Olea recently (my friend's egg dish was apparently just ok though so...).

I really like breakfast.
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Brenda's is excellent though the meals can get quite hearty and rich. I should know - I live one block from the restaurant and used to eat there often before the reviewers and crowds showed up. Now I only brave the lines when friends are in town.

My new favorite is Red Door Cafe. Can't believe I'm giving this tiny, terrific spot away when the lines are already 2 hours on weekends.
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Nthing Brenda's. I keep telling myself to order something besides the shrimp with cheese grits and bacon-and-tomato relish (again). But the fact that my mouth is watering as I type this means it probably won't be next time...
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