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Which iPhone application is best at recording telephone conversations?

I'm a journalist based in LA, and because I do a lot of interviews over the phone, I need a reliable iPhone application. I've liked Recorder, but during my last interview, the recording became inaudible after a blend of interference, overlapping files, and static took over. I deleted all the recorded files to (hopefully) prevent the overlap, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for other applications I should be using? I have another phoner coming up and I'm a little worried. (Oh, and I'm aware of the legal implications of telephone recording in different states, and I never record interviews without the other party's consent.)

Thank you!
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This has a review of various apps. You might look for one that lets you easily download or organize call recordings.
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(Blazecock, it doesn't look like any of those specifically mention being able to record phone calls.)
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You can do this with Google Voice.
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Which, while it's not an iPhone app, it is free and pretty awesome in my opinion.
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My 2ยข
I understand you were looking for an iphone app...
If you can, try Call Graph with Skype.
It saves the file to .mp3 in the folder of your choice and is easily edited in Audacity.
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(Blazecock, it doesn't look like any of those specifically mention being able to record phone calls.

Unless you have a jailbroken phone, you won't be recording phone calls through the iPhone's Phone app, because its components are not accessible to third-party developers.
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If anyone knows how to record phone calls on a jailbroken iPhone, without some sort of extra charge, I'd love to hear about it, as might the OP.
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Thank, ww4t - that looks great! Unfortunately, I have a Mac... (I should have included that details in the original post.)
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Thanks, sacrfix! It is pretty awesome, but it doesn't record outbound calls...
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Oh, wait, I just got it to work! I love it. Thanks!
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