How to keep leather gloves looking nice?
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My lovely leather gloves need to be put away for the spring.

I got a pair of gloves from Piumelli for my birthday this year. I love them! They are brightly colored, soft, and lined with cashmere. But now as spring arrives, it is time to clean and store them. Can anyone advise me on how to best care for the delicate leather, keeping in mind that I live in a very dry climate? I'd like to keep them looking nice for a long time.
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Have you tried emailing Piumelli?
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Generally speaking, leather gloves can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent (e.g. soap flakes); cashmere can also be hand-washed the same way, so you should be fine doing that. Rinse them, then wear them for a while once they're nearly dry to restore their shape. Apply a little leather conditioner if you like.

A dry climate is actually quite good for storing leather, because humidity can cause mold to form. Wrap your gloves in some cotton (an old t-shirt would be fine) and store somewhere dry and cool.

When you take the gloves out again later in the year, any slight stiffness should quicky disappear once you've worn them for a while.

By all means check with the manufacturer if you need reassurance.
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Home Comforts says not to wash lined leather gloves, so I wouldn't launder them. I think wiping with a damp cloth would be fine. I have similar gloves and have done that to them with no ill effects.
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I'd just use some saddle soap to clean and condition the leather.
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Seconding the saddle soap. You could put on the gloves and "wash" your hands, paying particular attention to any soiled areas.

However, I don't usually wash or clean leather gloves unless they are really soiled. Washing or cleaning anything that is at all delicate is often more risky than leaving it alone. Think about just storing them for the winter. Put them in a plastic Ziploc bag and squeeze out the air before you seal the bag to protect the cashmere from moths. I do this with wool scarves and hats and have some scarves that I've had for years that have never had a moth hole.
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There is actually a lot of information via google about leather care, including care for leather gloves. I don't do much for my beloved leather gloves except upfront waterproofing and saddle soaping, and they do fine stored in the pockets of my coats. But if you want more, I'd recommend visiting with a local dry cleaner that specializes in leather goods.
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