Strategies for acute, embodied stress?
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I recently received a diagnosis which I have every reason to think will end well. After getting the news, I quickly became lethargic and dyspeptic--gnarly food-burps and no appetite. I am pretty convinced this is a stress reaction. Nothing my fore-brain says is helping, much, and this lack of control over my body is new and unpleasant for me. What have you done in such situations that's helped?

You are not my MD; I have an appointment with that person later this week. I am on day 6 of these symptoms. What I'm doing now: Trying to do "normal" days, which include a bike commute, sleeping well, eating as much as I can stand, and talking to friends.
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Meditation: simple, free, effective. Do it regularly -- maybe 5 minutes upon waking up and 10 before bed. You're already doing the exercise/sleeping/good diet/being social route, so keep on keeping on with that. Hope it turns out ok!
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I have trouble with similar issues - stress-related fatigue, headaches and dizziness. It helps if I can completely distract myself with games, tv, chores, etc. Not only do the symptoms disappear, I can use the experience to remind myself that the symptoms come from my head. So at the first sign of headache I can try to deal with the stress rather than wallow in self-pity.
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