Best portable projector?
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Best portable projector? For traveling? By bike?

I want to buy a projector which I can use to project things outside while on a cycle tour. It therefore needs to be durable (i.e. no easily breakable lamp) while still having a relatively high brightness. Any suggestions? I have essentially no clue where to start.
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This might be what you're looking for: the Ben-Q lampless projector [review]

"The verdict
Overall, the GP1 is a good quality, solid little projector. It offers a range of applications - being a great companion for today's modern contractor or business person who wants to do impressive presentations on the move. It could also be a great way to show off your latest home videos and photos at the next family function. I'm looking forward to seeing a firmware upgrade that allows it to handle more diverse range of audio codecs."

It also gets a big thumbs up here.

Failing that, this UK website has some staff picks for portable projectors, but I think they all have lamps.

They also have a handy guide for the clueless. [no offence intended, this also includes me]
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Apologies. The Casio XJ-A130 has no lamp either.
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Perhaps one of these?
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