Need heavy guitar intros for ringtones \m/
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Looking for a short & sweet hard rock / punk / metal guitar intro to use as ringtone. Bonus points for non-4/4 time.

I'd like to try something new instead of the typical stock / pop songs / cutesypoo ringtones.
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The opening from Green Day's "Brain Stew" makes for one good wake-up ringtone. Another opening that I've used is Supergrass' "Diamond Hoo Ha Man".

Listen to a lot of older rock as it tends to be "cleaner", identify a good riff that stands alone (i.e. no drums etc) and cut that bit of the mp3 using Audacity. Once you have the tune, then tweak the start/end points such that a continuous loop doesn't sound disjointed or broken.

Beyond that, there's lots of guides for your particular phone regarding how to set an mp3 or sound file as a ringtone.

If you use iTunes, look at the auto-generated playlist "Top 25 Most Played" to get a sense of what you are listening to.

Good Luck!
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Drive Like Jehu's "Caress" is mostly in 7/8, and very loud. The riff that leads into the chorus should work.

Blue Meanies, "Smash the Magnavox"--the intro riff comes back a little more heavily after the bridge, if the first appearance isn't loud enough.

NoMeansNo, "It's Catching Up"--okay, this one's 4/4, but there are some heavily syncopated parts, and it's nice and menacing.
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Gang of Four - Damaged Goods. I did as Danald suggested and used garageband to cut it down to the intro riff alone. Works a treat on my iphone.
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AC/DC Back in Black (from 0:07 to 0:17, on repeat, makes a great ringtone or message notification)
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who needs punk, rock or metal when you've got the ventures
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Also AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long (from 0:00 to 0:16).

There's also Hell's Bells and Highway to Hell for good ringtone-adaptable intros. Clearly AC/DC should just start remarketing themselves as a ringtone band.
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If you want to go in a crunchy punk vein, with the added meta goodness of it being a phone reference, there's always Blondie's Call Me.
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Ash - Lose Control (I think they did two different songs with the same title, the one you want is from the album 1977).
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I had the intro of The Sweat Descends by Les Savy Fav as my ringtone for a while.
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Pretty much anything by Agent Orange would work, I think. I used to have Pipeline as a ringtone for ages. No Such Thing is similarly awesome.
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The two sections of the guitar intro to Gun Fury by the Damned might work. The song is in 5/4; I can't quite tell if the intro is as well.
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Nemesis by Arch Enemy - the first 5-10 seconds or so
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Forgot the link!
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The primary, staccato riff (not the intro) from Helmet's In The Meantime fits the bill.

Oh, and for non-4/4, there's always Meshuggah's New Millenium Cyanide Christ.
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First few bass measures of Fugazi's Waiting Room!
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I'm gonna go ahead and suggest some Gentle Giant.
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from about 0:35 to about 1:03 of Big Black - Kerosene
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The intro riif to Ted Nugent's Stranglehold is one of the best ever.
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The opening riff of Dream Theater's Beyond This Life is in 5/4. It's heavy and simple enough for a ringtone, at least until the 15/8 + 20/8 part starts 20 seconds in.

There are also great riffs at the beginning of The Glass Prison and The Mirror. The Mirror is pretty cool: it's 4/4, but the drumming makes it anything but a simple four on the floor. Check it out to see what I mean.
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Opening of Nobody Weird Like Me is pretty awesome.
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Two particular Dead Kennedys songs stick out as opening with a bang - Police Truck and Too Drunk To Fuck. Police truck has the added advantage of a two-level opening (slapback guitar, then the full band).
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Black Flag - Your Last Affront

It's instrumental, and it's in 3/4-3/4-4/4-5/4 (basically just 3/4, only, like, not).
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Slayer - Expendable Youth
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Speaking of the Dead Kennedys, the intro to Government Flu is great.

The intro to Black Flag's Rise Above is also pretty rockin', but if you're going with Black Flag, I simply do not know of an intro more fantastic than Nervous Breakdown. (I may be biased as I cite that song as being personally life-changing.)
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Some things I might pick the intro of, since I'd be looking for similar ringtones. I think the intros of these could be looped easily.
War, Wisdom and Rhyme by Baroness
Behemoth by Electric Wizard
Crack the Skye by Mastodon
Bar-X-The Rocking M by the Melvins
Heir Apparent by Opeth
Drought by Pelican
Dragonaut by Sleep
How Dark We Pray by High on Fire
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Oh, and the introductory chords to Shut Me Up by Mindless Self-Indulgence is pretty great, too.
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I would recommend something by Buckethead, although his solos are generally better than intros. One intro that I think of off the top of my head is King James. I think Jordan and Nottingham Lace also might work, and it might be worth listening to (IMO) some of his best albums: Pepper's Ghost, Albino Slug, and Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot.
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How can you mention Mastodon without mentioning Blood and Thunder?
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Oh, and Freya by The Sword starts with three separate sweet riffs before the vocals come in.
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Hmm proggy had rock ringtone. My suggestions:
first few seconds of Limelight by Rush, if you don't mind being a dork
or the mighty Into the Void riff by Sabbath.
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