Movie ID filter: a schoolgirl and her teacher have an affair and plan a murder.
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Please help me identify this Canadian film about a schoolgirl having an affair with her teacher.

I saw this movie on CBC or CTV around 2001 or 2002. I want to say that it was called "Green Eyes" or "Anne's Eyes."

Details that I can remember: a schoolgirl (around 16, red hair) is having an affair with her teacher. At one point, she starts to rebel by dressing provocatively, staying out late, and flirting with/seducing older men. There was also something about discovering a dead neighbor, or the girl and the teacher plot to kill the teacher's wife. Someone dies, but I can't remember who or at whose hand.

I've looked on imdb and did some searches, but nothing seems close. Does anyone else remember it?
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Ginger Snaps?
Canadian       [x]
2000-2002      [x]
16-yr old girl [x]
redhead        [x]
school         [x]
murder         [x]
teacher?       [ ]
wife?          [ ]
plot to kill?  [ ]

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Sounds like New Waterford Girl.
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Hmmm... actually... I don't think there's any murder plot in New Waterford Girl. But there's a few punches.
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Response by poster: OP here: Nope, I've seen Ginger Snaps (good guess!) and now I want to see New Waterford Girl, but neither are the film I'm thinking of. Thanks for taking the time to look, though--much appreciated.
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Devil in the Flesh?
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Response by poster: Not Devil in the Flesh either, but all were good guesses. It will continue to be a mystery...
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