What are some good music blogs?
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What are some good music blogs? (With a slant towards old skool hip hop or reggae would be best, but I'm open to give a listen to anything/everything.)

I'm constantly on the lookout for more music. I'm looking for a place I can go every day or two and read a bunch of posts that say things like "Check out this dj mix of blah blah" with a link to a stream, or "If you like Blackalicious, take a listen to THIS and THIS" with links to mp3s on some band's site.

pps. This seems like it should be a double post, but I couldn't find anything in the search.
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Previous music blog roundups here, here, and here. Start with the last link, it's probably got lots of stuff you want to check out.
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right away, I'm not answering your question as you asked it, but i find getting on mailing lists to help alot with finding new shit. You'll get alot more than old-skool hip hop and reggae, but the OtherMusic list has cost me lots of dough (and that's a good thing). SoulJazz has one too.
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Here are three, all fairly hip-hop-focused, from my feedlist. There are a lot of other hip-hop blogs--start by checking the folks these people link to. I don't know any decent reggae blogs (though Ear Fuzz had an entry about Lee Perry and the Congos), but I wish I did.

Ear Fuzz
Steady Bootleggin'
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