This could hurt worse than the 40 Year Old Virgin
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How to remove hair from a very sensitive spot? (Warning: TMI, NSFW)

I have a lot of hair in my crack. You know, the one between your butt cheeks. This wouldn't bother me, except I've been working hard to get into shape for beach season. Wearing a skimpy swimsuit means possibly exposing a secret I'd prefer hidden...

So.... the indelicate question...? Is shaving the only option, or has someone discovered a better way? I can't imagine using Nair or another hair removal product - even those for the bikini zone. Anybody?

(Anonymous because my friends read MeFi - I would never live this down if they read this)
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I refer you to this: You Rule, Vietnamese Waxer Lady
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There is no secret you cannot share with the person who waxes you. And yes, you can get waxed there. Going to a well reviewed professional and paying for the "privilege" is also the least painful way, in my experience, to deal with unwanted hair in intimate locations.
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This is what a Brazilian wax is, right? From top of the pubes to the lower back?
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And in case you are a guy, plenty of waxers will do "back sack and crack" for you without even blinking.
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Another route to go would be with IPL. Unless you are dark skinned, have red or gray hair. IMNAD, YMMV
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Just ask for the Brazilian or the full wax and they will take care of business. And note: waxing back there is FAR less painful than the top and sides of a traditional bikini wax.
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If you don't want to go the waxing route, something like this also works like a charm. I know from personal butt experience. Here's a closeup of the head. As you can see it has the buzzcutting cutters on the top and bottom and the hairpokesinit cutters in the middle.
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While you can certainly get it waxed, I find it totally acceptable to shave, as long as it's a shiny new razor. I've never had an issue with ingrowns that... far... back. Bikini line is another story.

Kthxbi's solution is great, too, as I recently purchased a similar shaver, but I have issues maneuvering it. Ahem.
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Thong or g-string swimsuit?

Get a pair of round-tipped scissors. If you're in a town with a medical school, check out their bookstore - they should have high quality all-metal scissors with rounded ends. Otherwise, the beauty department of the local pharmacy/whatever may have them. Less ideally, the children's stationary section. If you have good hand-eye, you don't even need blunt-ended scissors.

Get a shaving mirror or some other mirror that can be placed right on the floor, back parallel to a wall/perpendicular to the floor, in a room with great lighting (or bring a lamp).

Sit on floor, legs spread on either side of mirror. Maybe sit on a layer of newspapers for easy cleanup.

Snip snip snip.

If you're *really* hairy, same setup, but use an electric shaver (you know, like the ones that are used for buzzcuts). If you think they'd be too big, there are nosehair trimmers with tiny little shaving heads. There are also intermediate sized ones for... what you're trying to accomplish?
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Shaving the butt crack with a safety razor is pretty damned safe, even back there, behind your back, blind. Everything curves in, and therefore away, from the blades. However, the rest of the day will be the Itchiest Day of Your Life. Moisturize well (I use a tiny dab of conditioner on a bit of toilet paper).

Caveat: I've had girlfriends with, um, corruscations around their anus. Not prolapses, not hemorrhoid, but protruding flesh. If that is the case for you, razors are probably A Really Bad Idea.
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