What size iPod Touch for a 12-year-old?
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iPod Touch for a 12-year-old: More memory, or more buying power?

Pretend you're turning 12, and you have an awesome aunt who's buying you an iPod Touch for your birthday to replace your old Nano. You only own about 250 songs so far, but you're really excited about playing a lot of games and emailing and stuff. Would you rather have the 8g unit and an iTunes card, or the 32g unit all by itself?
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I would want the Aunt to ask me directly or having my parents ask me, if she wants to keep things secret.
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Definitely the bigger capacity. There are many places to find music to load that are not as expensive as the iTunes store.
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apps don't really take up that much space and if the kid doesn't have much music, then it seems like the 8 gb + itunes card is a no brainer. i have the 8gb touch and am super happy with it.
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I'd go with the smaller one plus gift card, since the child in question doesn't have that many songs, or likely access to sources of online funds. 8 gigs can still hold thousands of songs or dozens of large apps. If it were me, I'd rather have a small amount of space and the easy means to fill it up than a large capacity device with only 250 songs and no easy way to fill it up other than begging parents for iTunes authorization.

Responses will vary though, since this is a preference question rather than an absolute.
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I had a 30-GB iPod Photo (oh yeah) before it sadly broke and I upgraded to an iPod Touch. I went with the 8-GB model and frankly, I rarely miss having *all* my music with me. 8 GB is plenty of music and apps, as others have said, and she can explore more music with a combo iPod + gift card present.
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Seconding the above two answers (speaking from personal experience).
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Definitely 8 gigs with a gift card!
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I have the 8G and there is plenty of room for TONS of songs, pictures, apps, etc.
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8GB will be plenty of room for most of her music and apps, but might not be upgradable (if that matters at all.
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Smaller, I think: there seems to be another generational shift going on where the post-Napster generation of CD rippers and digital music hoarders gives way to teens and tweens who'll find the songs on YouTube or stream them from other sources. The apps are where it's at with the Touch.
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I have a 16gig iPhone which replaced my phone and my 40gig iPod. My entire music collection already didn't fit on the iPod. Trimming down to a good standard set + space for rotating things in every couple weeks was not hard at all.

Nthing 8gigs with gift card - especially since I believe you can use the card on apps now, not just music/movies.
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Best answer: 32GB.

The 8GB model was carried over from the previous generation with a software update.

The 3rd generation 32GB and 64GB models have noticeably faster hardware.
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Defintely 32 gig.
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i'd go 32G - it leaves space and a little more longevity. also, you can then do birthday/special day/xmas/just because purchases of itunes cards/GCs, and so can other people.
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32g. How to acquire music for free is a valuable skill for a kid to learn.
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I'd say if there's any chance the kid will want to watch movies/TV shows on the ipod you should go with the 32GB because they take up space fast.

If it's only for music/apps/internet then 8GB would probably be fine.

Are there any other relatives (grandparents, maybe?) who could be asked to give the child an itunes gift card for their birthday, so that you could get them the 32GB but they still have some money to play around with on itunes?
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Best answer: Important point: when the new 4.0 software comes out this summer, the 32 and 64gb ipods will get loads of cool new features (most notably multitasking), while the 8gb will not. They have different processors.
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32gb, definitely
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8g. I have a 32G iphone with oodles of apps and I'm not making a dent in it's storage. My 8G ipod touch has plenty of podcasts & apps and is fuller, but no where near full.
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Response by poster: We went with the 32GB - my niece's first reaction was a lot of hyperventilating and OMG awesome's, and then she saw that it was the 32 and it started all over again. She was aware of the processor and software differences.
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