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Is there a CarMax equivalent in the Pacific Northwest?

I've got a decent (but somewhat long-in-the-tooth) SUV I want to sell. It's been on Craigslist, local classifieds, Facebook, etc. at a quite low price (well under blue book) for several weeks with barely any bites, and no serious offers. The sign in the window hasn't worked either. Meanwhile, keeping it insured is a money pit, and there's nowhere off-street I can park it.

I hear a lot about CarMax on AskMe, but I'm in Seattle and the closest one is in Sacramento. While I'm not ruling out a hilarious, breakneck road trip to Sacramento, I'd rather just sell it here. Is there some (reasonably) local equivalent of this service where I can get rid of the car on the spot? Preferably in a no-haggle fashion?
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Tried AutoTrader?
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Have you considered donating it to charity? You can take the write-off on your taxes, and it's doing a good deed.

Alternately, you could try selling it on eBay. Start the bidding way low, since it sounds like you've priced it higher than what the market's willing to pay for it.
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