Looking for a video about drugs
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Looking for a video showing various common drugs, their appearance, how they're taken and their effects.

DVD would be nice, but a web video would also be fine. Everything I can find seems to be about cartels, legalisation or similar drama documentaries.

The sort of thing I'm after would be a dummy's guide in video form. I'd expect such a thing to exist - perhaps a training video for police/prison officers - a minimum of drama and editorialising. "I learned it from you!" is not what I'm after.

Do any of you fine gents will know where I could find one? Hosted online or available for purchase - either is fine.
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It might be worth looking into the Erowid vaults.
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Best answer: We watched the Drugs: Uses and Abuses series throughout Psychopharmacology this semester. It was basic yet informative and explained the history, uses, effects, etc about each drug and included interviews from doctors, pharmacists, historians, therapists, and abusers. Very well but together, but for $500 for the whole series and about half hour spent on each type of drug, it's expensive and long.
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Could try going to a rehab and asking for a bunch of information...
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I like this flash demo that shows the effect on the brain:


Fun UI and you can learn from it!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. To clarify, finding information about drugs isn't a problem. I'm more interested in a convenient presentation of that information. Something that you could show to a group to give them a quick grounding in the subject.

Drugs: Uses and Abuses looks like a promising start, though it might be too in-depth for what I need.
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