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Umbrella-shopping in Ottawa: where to go for quality?

This morning's downpour has shown me that I need a proper umbrella, something classic. I'd like a black canopy, wooden handle, solid construction with lots of durability. Can anyone direct me to where I might go to get something like this?
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Best answer: It's not in Ottawa, but this is where the search for the perfect umbrella ends up.
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Response by poster: Ohhhhh, god that looks tempting. I have half a mind to actually save up a bit of money and get one of the cheaper ones. I could never tell anyone how much I spent on it, but good god those are cool. You, sir, have read my mind.
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Oh and if you want less expensive but considerably more effort in ordering and wait time, James Smith & Sons are regarded as being of similar quality.

I found these few images helpful too.
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