Aubrey-maturin on iTouch?
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How can I read the Aubrey-Maturin series (Master and Commander, etc.) on my iTouch? I searched Kindle and Stanza apps but got nothin.
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Google can help
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Yeah, it's easy to pirate both e-book and audio-book versions of just about any popular novels, including all of Patrick O'Brian's. I found 'em in .lit format just about instantly - if you want some other format you can convert, or probably find PDFs, DjVus or something pre-made.

Which is, of course, illegal.

If that isn't a 100% deal-killer for you, the remaining question is whether it's ethical.

Metafilter's Own jscalzi says he's fine with people who've already bought one of his books then downloading it in some other text (but not audio) format. He'd like you to pay him again, but doesn't mind if you don't.

Some other authors concur; a handful of them even make free downloads available themselves. Others don't, and most have never said anything about it, but on average probably won't be cool with it.

Your personal ethics equation can include all sorts of extra things. Is it OK to illegally download books by authors who are really rich? What about authors like Tom Clancy, who are really rich and don't even write "their" books any more? What about only books, apparently including O'Brian's, that can't be had in electronic format any other way? What about authors whose work you like, but whose behaviour you loathe? What about authors who aren't alive to be paid any more?

What fun!
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Just dropped by to let you know that the audio versions of these books are mostly awesome -- at least the ones narrated by Patrick Tull. I swear that man was born to narrate this series -- and I hear his voices for Jack and Stephen whenever I read the books.
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