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Facebook question: I often see that people make posts on Group pages and other people respond to them. I'm talking about regular members of the group, like me, not the administrator. I want these posts to show up in my news feed. I can't figure out how to do it.

If this is in fact impossible, does this mean that everyone else is physically clicking on these group pages all the time to check for updates? That seems so un-future-like.
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Once you yourself originate or reply to an individual post on a group page, you will be notified when others reply to it.

In order to be aware of the origination of a post on a group page, I think you need to be an administrator for the group.
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You'll see wall posts on groups in your feed, if one of your friends is making the post on a shared group wall. Otherwise, have to physically click to see 3rd party comments and posts.
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Response by poster: That's what I figured :(
Thanks guys.
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Not even admins get those in their newsfeed. I admin several pages and have to go check the page myself. lame.

The way group / fan page activity on Facebook is surfaced is a huge weakness in the system. IMHO.
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I see an RSS feed on a fan page that I follow. It has items for each new post on the page. There aren't new items in the rss feed for responses to those posts. I checked a group and their was an rss icon is firefox's awesome bar but their weren't any items in the feed. ??? I put the raw page into google reader. Google Reader told me it would monitor the page for changes and summarize them for me. We'll see how well that works out.
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