I want to hang in my room
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Where can I obtain a floor-mounted overhead frame to allow me to hang things overhead in my room?

What I envision is something like a grid of squares 1x2 or 2x2 feet per square, a foot or so lower than the ceiling that I can mount cameras to, attach lights, hang plants, etc. The challenge is that it has to be supported from the floor and not mounted to any ceilings or walls. Some sort of metal seems like the most likely material.

I'd like to have it cover the entire 10x12 room, but it could be half the room.

Googling has not turned up much thus far..I suspect there are specific terms for this that I'm not familiar with. Looking for tips on where to locate such a product or DIY.
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Autopoles (available from B&H Photo) will give you an easily configured, but not terribly inexpensive way to construct this. You'll need a few Manfroto Super clamps too. If you have a look at this photo, you'll see how you could easily construct an overhead grid.
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You could make it out of 8020, also not cheap though.
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Unistrut might prove slightly less expensive than 8020, but it's also not particularly cheap. It it quite straightforward to work with, though.
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Also, you might be able to rig something from threaded black iron pipe (with elbows, tees, and crosses). Sketch it out first, and figure out how much weight you might want to support.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses all. This certainly gets me started!
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