Where can I find Rit dye in NYC or Brooklyn?
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Where can I find Rit dye in NYC or Brooklyn? I'm in Prospect Heights and would like to not travel epic lengths.

Websites say Duane Reade carries Rit, but this is not my experience. I figure some fabric stores will, but figured I'd ask the Hive Mind first.
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I don't have a specific spot in Prospect Heights, but 99cent stores with a crafts section will probably have it.
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I've found Rit dye in grocery/drug stores, nearly always with the shoe polish.
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Mr. infinityjinx also says that American Apparel carries it! There is one in Park Slope - you may want to call and ask first though.
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Check out Rite Aid if there is one by you, they usually have it. If you are around lower Manhattan PS Fabrics and Crafts on Broadway at Frankilin have a big variety.
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You can buy much higher-quality dyes from Aljo Mfg in New York City. Rit dyes are poor quality, quick to fade, and very expensive for the amount of dye you get in the box, but Aljo carries wonderful Procion MX type dyes for cotton, acid dyes for wool, silk, or nylon, and disperse dyes for polyester or acetate.
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I've found it at Rite Aid in manhattan, near the laundry stuff or, as corey flood said, the shoe polish.
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