Looking for yodeling album suggestions
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Can please someone recommend a good Yodeling album i can buy off itunes ?

Recently i was exposed to Franz "Franzl" Lang, and boy... the man is amazing. So im trying to get an yodeling album... you know... the best of the best. Any recommendations?
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Big fan of "Chime Bells" by Elton Britt from the album "Ridin' With Elton"
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Mr Eddy Arnold Cattle Call
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rough guide to yodel samples many styles.

There are a ton of Cackle Sisters tracks around. If there were better yodellers, they're well hidden.

(and you can teach yourself with LEARN TO YODEL)
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I'm afraid that after Franzl nothing will seem any good -- that was my experience, at least. Which albums of his do you have?
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Slim Whitman Indian Love Call
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Jimmie Rodgers may seem tame, but he has some of those honest raw tubercular yodely blues.
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Don Walser. Really.
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Yodeling Mad is a fantastic compilation. Highly recommended.
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