Creating editable forms in Microsoft Word/Adobe Acrobat?
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How do I create editable forms in Microsoft Word? (And since I'm PDFs as well)?

I'd like to create business forms in Microsoft Word so that other people could download them, fill them out (using Word's fields option) and print them out or e-mail them where they need to go.

I'd also like to do this with Adobe Acrobat PDF's as well.

I've tried finding books about this and even asked a computer program trainer. So far, no luck. Any advice about how to learn to do this?

I look forward to your suggestions.


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You can absolutely do this. Of course, you'll want to see instructions for all different types of things you can add to a form (check box, fields, drop-down lists), so in Word's online help system, search for this: "Create forms that users complete in Word"

Or, if you just want to poke around without the instructions, turn on the Forms toolbar. Basically, add things from that toolbar. Lock when you are finished working on the form, so others can use it as a form.

For PDF, you need Adobe Acrobat Pro. Do you have that?
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Just in case:
Microsoft Word: Create forms that users complete in Word
Adobe Acrobat Pro: Create a form
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If you are going down the MS route you might want to take a look at Infopath.
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I create a lot of templates and forms using the forms toolbar in MS Word. Pretty much everything I know about forms was self taught, so it is good that the forms toolbar is pretty intuitive and easy to use. If you use Word, I don't recommend locking the forms because unlocking and then locking and then unlocking can sometimes cause loss of content. Use F11 to navigate forward through unlocked forms and Shift+F11 to go back.

For PDF forms, I create them using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. The form wizard has been very useful for placing and formatting my fields. I know next to nothing on doing this on any previous version of Adobe Acrobat, so I'm not sure how easy or hard it is.

I am happy to answer any MeMail questions if that would be helpful.
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