Monitoring electricity usage
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What are the options for monitoring our household electricity usage using Google's PowerMeter service?

We have recently switched to time of use (TOU) electricity metering, meaning the the price of kWh effectively doubles during some times of the day. We are keen to have a better understanding about how we are using electricity and what it is costing us. Google's PowerMeter service looks ideal to do this but requires a device to hook-up to your electricity supply which then signals wirelessly to your computer. What are the best devices for recording realtime electricity usage and accessing it via Google's PowerMeter application? Google suggests two devices but I have been unable to find a supplier for these in Ontario. Suggestions?
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Do you need to go through Google? The Black & Decker Power Monitor brings your meter display inside and makes a bit more sense of it. Most Canadian Tire stores have it.
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We have a TED5000 in one of our state parks. It's a really nice device for tracking this kind of data and has a really nice nerdy side if you ever wanted to learn how to use web services to create your own view of the data. We ordered it directly from the manufacturer and had it installed by a local electrician.
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