Quiet/Meditative Organ music?
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I recently picked up a Naxos CD called Organ Meditation, liked it quite a lot, and realized I'd like to hear more in the same vein. Can you recommend some other recordings of quiet and meditative organ music? The bits I liked best were 19th century or earlier, but I'm open to more modern/contemporary suggestions too. Thanks!
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Best answer: Have you tried Buxtehude?
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Best answer: Look up Widor, Vierne, Franck, Faure, and Reger on Youtube. You won't be disappointed! Messiaen might be a little modern for you, but he's definitely worth a listen.
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Best answer: The complete organ works of Bach, by organist James Kibbe, are downloadable for free here.
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Response by poster: Wow, such great suggestions! Aquafortis: I love the Messiaen I've heard (Quartet for the End of Time, etc.). Any particular organ pieces you like?
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