Lala is DEAD!
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Okay Apple has killed something beautiful named Lala. Need help finding a replacement. Requirements inside.

I loved that Lala was browser based as I could run it in chrome and it would not interfere with my work. No huge program, just my music scanned and added to Lala. Now Apple has killed it and is most likely planning to throw it into Itunes. There is just one problem, I think Itunes is terrible.

So help me find a new online service that will scan my music library on my computer and allow me to access it elsewhere, streaming and for free.

What I want:

wide song library (to catch all of my albums)
online (fb connect would be awesome)

What I don't want:

installed programs
streaming from my home computer (really, I don't want to leave it on constantly just so I can stream mp3 on demand)
advertising in between songs or anything (its my music)

I am sure I am not the only one...

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Best answer: GrooveShark is pretty much exactly what you just described.
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Best answer: Here's a recent question that might help.
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Response by poster: Awesome. I admit my search fail. Didn't see that one.
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Are you in the US? If not, check out Spotify
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Nope, you're not the only one...

Just want to voice how utterly pissed off I am that Apple killed off the only site online that I would actually purchase music from because I was so happy to support their biz model. Allowing the listener to actually hear a fucking song in its entirety was a big factor in my positive response (and purchases). I loathe iTunes, the whole feel of it, look of it, chilliness of it -- whereas Lala had an elegant simplicity and a flawless, intuitive search function. Sorry to be venting instead of offering suggestions to your query, but I'd come here this morning to post your same question, and, well, the rant unfurled. Hopefully we'll see some other folks offering suggestions. Going to go check out GrooveShark now.
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They didn't buy the company just to kill the product out of spite. It's almost certainly going to come back in some form. Keeping a site of that size online requires a lot of effort (and straight up cost in bandwidth and server upkeep costs) that Apple probably wants to divert towards their future-lala-like services. It's not going to be exactly the same and will have an Apple flavor (that you may not like) but I think we should view this not as a death but as a bit of a nap before an ultimate rebirth.
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New to this whole idea of uploading and then having the music available through browser -- sounds cool. Two questions regarding this -- first, do you (I) really have to upload all my mp3s, or would the service (Grooveshark seems the most liked) just scan my puter to see if I have the music? Second, if/when playing my music through this, would I be forced to listen to commercials?
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The greatest thing about Lala was that you could listen all the albums you wanted to for free one time. I purchased quite a bit of music on Lala because I had the opportunity to listen to the entire album and thought it was worth buying.

Sites that offer 30 second snippets of songs suck. You can't judge an album based on 30 seconds of each song.

The other cool thing about Lala was when you made purchases you would build up credits that you could use to buy entire albums that you could listen to on the web indefinitely. Well, at least until Apple shut down the service.
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Response by poster: I should update that just like that a good replacement popped up!

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