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I have now bought an ipad 32 meg without 3G. No bigloss considering the signal in my area. Now that I have it, what should I do with it / buy for it? I am new to mac products, so I domt know all of the possible apps could make my life wonderful. Siggestons?
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Words with Friends
How to Cook Everything
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"Get to know the programs built into it, and wait patiently for a few months until the flow of iPad-specific software begins."

Spoken like someone without an iPad - there was a surprising amount of iPad-specific stuff on the App Store from day 1, and there's tons new every day. Things I like so far:

Adobe Ideas
Words With Friends
BBC News
ComicZeal (though I have a bunch of downloaded comics already, this may not be of use to you if you don't)
Kindle (Since I already have some kindle books)
Dragon dictation
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How about a very good drawing app such as Autodesk's Sketchbook pro, and a capacitive screen stylus?

At this point, you have a rudimentary Wacom Cintiq, but it has 3G internet and a bunch of other stuff.
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Sketchbook Pro and a Pogo Sketch stylus, if you like to doodle or can actually draw.

I've got the Kindle app, iBooks, and GoodReader (a PDF reader that also speaks Dropbox and can pull PDFs out of Dropbox for you) for reading purposes; that covers me pretty well for sudden book urges. (I finished reading jscalzi's Old Man's War via free PDF in GoodReader tonight, flipped over to iBooks, and bought the next one, The Ghost Brigades, on the spot.)

In more reading, ComiXology has a comics application where you can buy issues and read them inside the app (from a bunch of publishers), and another separate Marvel-only app that has a bunch of Marvel back catalog (but doesn't do subscriptions yet, sadly). There's a similar app for Transformers comic publisher IDW that I haven't looked at yet.

The NPR, BBC, and AP apps are all nice for news, and Weather Channel MAX is nice if you're in the US and want the weather report. I have Dungeon Hunter HD because I'm a Diablo addict-- it doesn't entirely fill the need, but it's sort of a Diablo methadone fix.

The IMDB app is handy for settlling arguments over the DVD shelf. If you use Twitter, TweetDeck really makes nice use of the larger screen to present multiple columns at once. If you have any interest in a handful of ABC primetime and news shows, the ABC app is pretty slick in terms of presentation and cheerfully streams episodes to you.

The weirdest useful app for me is Wolfram Alpha-- which is now only two bucks, thankfully. I had almost no use for the thing in its Web incarnation, but its iPad version is weirdly compelling. I bought it because if I was going to get a calculator app, I might as well get one with some reference tables built in, but it's been awfully entertaining.
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Wikipanion. You need a decent wikipedia app for reference (free).
IMDB (for reference)
Dictionary for your word lookup + thesaurus needs

I think twitteriffic is way better than tweetdeck on the pad
Goodreader the best PDF app (it's .99)

Netflix if you have a netflix account (suddenly buckets of streaming video)
If you have a home machine with loads of video....AirVideo can encode it on the fly and stream it to you (both local to you...and other places as long as you have wifi, cause you don't have the 3g)
ABC video Player. Free ABC television.

Adobe Ideas - free drawing on screen

ibooks + kindle for your book buying

Instapaper - if you don't know what this is.... a web site where you can bookmark stuff you want to read 'later' (there's a firefox extension or a chorme/safari/ie javascript bookmarklet for your browser). You find something you want to read later, mark it, the text is copied to instapaper, and then (here's the big thing) when you fire up the app, it downloads the content local to your pad.

Suduko player? Unisudoku is great.
I'm a sucker for 'flying/exploration' games (vs. guns/killing) so Glyder2 for the ipad and Nanosaur2
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20 Best and Free Apps for your iPad is trending high on delicious.com right now.
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I like NewsRack for RSS feeds. In fact, I am posting this answer from within NewsRack.

As far the upscaling of iPhone apps, I found that a couple of the iPhone games I already owned look and work great upscaled on the iPad - Peggle and PuzzleQuest.

Also, some iPhone apps are being created or updated as "fat" binaries. Meaning that the same app works on both devices, but uses native resolution and features for each device. Enjoy Sudoku and Crosswords were both excellent games I already had that I was pleased to find that I didnt have to buy again to get native iPad versions.

If you like interactive fiction, Frotz is available.

For synchronized note taking, I think SimpleNote is the best.

iTeleport is pricey, but I found it to be an excellent remote desktop app if you need to access your personal computers from the iPad.

And lastly, I found the free AIM application to be surprisingly good for instant messaging.
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For reading: iBooks, Kindle, instapaper, the marvel comics app is AWESOME if you like comics!
Games: Scrabble, air hockey, finger god, various sudoku/crossword apps, bejeweled for the iPhone still looks pretty decent on the iPad
News: US News
Video: definitely grab the Netflix and ABC player
Of course, be sure to bookmark MetaFilter to your home screen!

Hadn't planned on picking one up but I've had mine for almost a week and love it. (Responding on it right now) Have fun!
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I really like sky walk paid app for star watching. I use google docs for my cloud computing, it syncs when you are on wifi so if you go offline you can still work on your docs. Doodle buddy is a fun free drawing app to goof around with - especially for children. Sound drop is a simple but addictive music app.
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Plants VS Zombies is a fantastic game, and there's an HD version for the ipad.
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The Elements
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I like the Epicurious app.

For games, I like Daily Jigsaw, Cogs HD, and Azkend (each one is under $5).
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Instapaper, Simplenote (syncs well with Noatational Velocity on a Mac), Dropbox, IMDB and iTeleport all deserve to be mentioned again.

If you use RSS/Google Reader then look at Reeder and for password management check out 1Password.

If you'd like a game the fun iPhone app Carcassonne looks great on the iPad with some sort of image scaling voodoo.
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"I found the free AIM application to be surprisingly good "

how's the typing on that tablet?
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