Need a Dell charger part
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I need to replace part of the charger for a Dell laptop. Help please?

We have multiple pets that like to chew things, and I need to replace the charger cord for my girlfriend's Dell laptop. It's a few years old and has a mickey mouse head shaped plug. I don't need the brick, just the cord that goes from the brick to the wall. My only Internet access is through an iPhone at the moment. I found this through google,
but I think this is the other half of what I need. If anyone can direct me towards a spot to buy the mouse head shaped plug I can solder if I need to. I'm in Oakland, CA, and local would be preferable to mail order, but if that's all that's available, I can wait on the shipping.
Thank you so much Internet buddies!
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Don't bother ordering. I got a couple here at work from old laptops. Shoot me a Memail if you need one, I am in SF.
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But if you prefer to order online - this is actually commonly referred to as Mickey Mouse or an IEC320 C5 connection. You can order from Amazon here
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There are a few places down here in the south bay were I've seen these for sale, like HSC or Weird Stuff Warehouse. It's a bit of a drive from Oakland just to get a power cable, though. Central Computers in SF probably has them.
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Or if you have a Fry's nearby, they will have one.
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My local electrical supply store will mend chewed cords for $5 while you wait. Or free if he's not busy and you have an amusing dog relayed story to go with it.

He's saved me about $100 over the last year (and the dog from an untimely death at least once when she ate an irreplacable cord).
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Looks like Clarkie666 already got you taken care of... but I have boxes and boxes of these at work too if you can't find one anywhere else. (I always thought if someone would centrally organize all the excess equipment (still usable) around the nation into one big'd be pretty awesome resource).
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