how to professionally cover up my unprofessional stickers
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Are there any shell cases for (older) Macbook Pros that aren't translucent?

I'm graduating and have to get a real job, but I really don't want to have to strip away the tiny bit of personality that is the collection of beer and webcomic related stickers I have on my 2006 Macbook Pro. I want to get a shell case that I can use when I take my computer places and still keep my (unprofessional) stickers on.

Problem is, I'm having trouble finding cases that aren't described as "see-through". Most of the cases seem to be made of translucent plastic, and I don't want to spend ~$30 on one of these cases if it's not going to hide my stickers as well as I'd like it to. I'm hoping that a darker color, like black or dark blue, would do the job, but a lot of the pictures show the apple logo visible through the case, which might mean stickers would be visible through the case as well.

Does anyone have any firsthand experiences with these cases (preferably for the older non-unibody macbooks), particularly whether they're dark enough to cover stickers? Any other ideas of what kind of case I could get to cover my computer while I use it? Thanks!
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It's not perfect, but could you buy a translucent one and spray paint the inside?
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While I don't have suggestions as to what hard shells will cover stickers I can tell you that the speck seethru case that you linked to is not opaque. I have the blue case and a sticker under it on the lid of my macbook pro and the sticker is 80%-90% visible. The colors are washed out, but you can see what the sticker is and make out the design very clearly. I can also tell you that the old InCase shells are even more translucent.
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Like this?
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If you need a laptop for the real job they should be providing one for you. Your macbook can stay your macbook, with it's personality shining through. My laptop proudly sports a sticker for a democratic friend that ran for Congress, and several open source / Linux stickers. I work for a dot net development firm full of Republicans.
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I'm not sure how much clearance you'd have with a case like this, but I wonder if you could cut a piece of printer paper to size and put that in between your computer and the case. That would most likely blur out the stickers enough.
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You could always put a vinyl skin over everything. (That'd also give you the ability to have an interesting back-of-laptop without being unprofessional.)
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