Pantry cupboard aroud Toronto/Hamilton/Niagara
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Where can I find a stand alone pantry cupboard in the Toronto Hamilton or Niagara region.

Looking for something simple, more than 72" tall, must be deeper than a bookcase (about 18" is good). Width isn't too sensitive.

Actually for my Mom.. She hasn't tried Leon or Idomo, but we've spent hours in Ikea and other various regular stores (Home Depot, Home Hardware, Zellers, Canadian Tire). She has also tried to find specialty stores in the St. Catherines area without any luck.

This used to be a standard item in Ikea, what happened....

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Not too sure, but I've had some furniture custom made by Gregory Brand in Campbellville that turned out great. They have a showroom that might have something you are after.
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Custom made sounds like more than a thousand dollars... Not practical.
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Not all custom made is expensive; some of the Mennonite places south of Hamilton will do a great job for not much more than Ikea.
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Well, she could order a kitchen cabinet from Home Depot that would fit the bill - head to the kitchen department and explain what you want, they will be able to order something for you. There's no reason that you couldn't get a 8' tall cabinet from any of these collections. They will likely only be available in a 12" or 24" in depth though.

Make sure that they know it is to be freestanding so you get matching side panels.

You will likely want to attach it to the wall when you install it.

Have you checked at Prudhommes Antique Market? They might have something that fits your needs - there are multiple vendors with a variety of items.
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