Looking for an interfaith rabbi in Denver
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My sister is getting married in Denver and needs some help - does anyone know of a great rabbi in Denver or near Denver who is willing to do an interfaith marriage?
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I'm pinging my rabbi friend in Denver who (I think) wouldn't do it himself but hopefully knows one who will. Stay tuned.
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Way to post this on Friday afternoon :-)
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Send her to InterfaithFamily.org, where she can click the button on the left that says "Request A Rabbi For Your Wedding". IFF maintains a database of clergy (both rabbis and non-Jewish clergy) who are willing to perform interfaith ceremonies. IFF is a great resource for interfaith issues and companionship.
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For some rabbis whether they'll perform an interfaith marriage depends on whether the parents are planning on raising the kids Jewish / "keeping a Jewish household". You may want to follow up with that information, if you know it.
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Does your sister specifically wish to have a rabbi perform the ceremony? If not, I thought that any knowledgeable Jewish person could perform a wedding ceremony. According to this site says yes, while this one says a rabbi needs to be on hand to make sure it's done correctly, but doesn't need to perform the ceremony.

Anecdotally, I have attended an interfaith wedding ceremony in which the Jewish portion of the wedding ceremony was officiated by a family member and the couple hired an interfaith minister to make it legal.

good luck & mazol tov!
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A rabbi is indeed NOT needed to perform a Jewish wedding ceremony, and certainly not an interfaith one. The Chabad thing is, well, a Chabad thing - it is NOT true that a rabbi needs to be on hand, they just want there to be one (preferably one of theirs, of course :-)).

I am actually slated to perform a (Jewish) friend's (interfaith) wedding ceremony this summer in NYC. There's going to be a rabbi present there only because 1) his parents insisted on it, and 2) NY only allows recognized clergy to sign marriage certificates.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I am passing along all this info to my sister. I'm really intrigued by the rabbi-not-being-necessary thing, and we'll definitely look into it!
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I'm really not trying to be snarky, but googling for "interfaith rabbi" will provide you with a lot of options.
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