Internet defibrillated the radio star (NEW!: lacks sense of entitlement)
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Seeking an embeddable player that plays from your set list on 'random', so that fans can visit repeatedly and treat it like radio. paid is okay.

I'm on all the music sites, and bandcamp's 'Share' for embedding an album, which includes the 'Download' & 'Buy' links right in it, is fantastic, but I really want to be able to hand someone my card and say, "just go to my website and listen while you look around, or whenever you want."

music services are great for a fan who is already invested in hearing more, but many other people will only be going by a flyer or a link, so they won't care to take the driver's seat and they need to be dazzled.

pony bonus: a detached player, like the one Pandora charges for.. regardless of price.

I hope I haven't ordered a trail of 'previously's, but I've done an unyielding search.
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Response by poster: really? REALLY? Jesus.
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This may not be the best option, but since you have no answers yet - I think you may take what you can get. Could you not embed MySpace's player into your website and set it to Random and Autoplay? Check this out when you get a chance, it may help you out.
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Response by poster: hee hee. glad I was wrong when I expected that 24 hours was long enough to bury the question completely. thanks
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