Forza chi?
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Forza chi? What Serie A club should an American of Italian descent be supporting?

I am an American of Italian descent. Being the youngest son of the youngest daughter of a large family, my grandparents all passed when I was young. The only town in Italy I can trace family back to is Pontecorvo. I have recently begun watching lots of soccer, especially Serie A. Given my family link to Pontecorvo, what Serie A club should I be supporting. What team (Serie A or B) do Italians who live in Pontecorvo support?
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Well your closest Serie A teams are Lazio, Roma and Napoli. I'd rule out Roma because of the right wing thug element of their support and Napoli haven't really got their shit back together since Maradona left. I guess that leaves Lazio.
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Lazio is actually the team with right wing connections. Napoli is a mid-table side right now, but they've shown consistent improvement since they were promoted a few years ago. I'd say go for Roma because they play pretty football as well.
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Then I guess both Roma and Lazio have their share of right wing nutters.
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Roma traditionally had more left-wing support, coming from the working-class neighborhoods in Rome. Lazio was historically more right-wing, drawing fans from the more affluent sections north of the city. Apparently that's started to shift recently, with right-wing Roma ultras emerging. But you can still walk through neighborhoods like Garbatella and see murals mixing Roma and leftist symbols, and I got razzed by a waiter for wearing a Roma jersey in Prati, so at least some of the old alignments remain.

I also can't speak for Pontecorvo, but here's another vote for Roma from me. Obviously, I'm biased. But trox is right, they do play pretty football. Also, of the three teams mentioned so far, I think Roma has the most storied history, and they've certainly been performing the best recently.
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Root for whoever the holy hell you want.

For example, I started following footie thanks to the Azzurri Euro '98 team and Zinazine Zidane, who at the time played for Juventus. So my teams in order of preference are 1) the Azzurri 2) Juventus and 3) usually anti-Roma since the last time they won the scudetto the fans painted the entire freaking city red & yellow & kept constant 3am celebratory car honking going for 3 whole weeks. But I've amended that lately to anti-Inter because Mourhino is an arrogant prick IMO.

In other words, the club you should be supporting is the one makes you groan in despair & strain your voice in euphoria. Keep watching Serie A & B and I bet you'll find "your" club.

Rooting for the Azzurri, though, is obligatory. :D
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