Funny mystery short stories!
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Can you recommend a good anthology of funny mystery stories?

I've acquired a taste for them and want to indulge!
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I think it will help if you tell us what you've liked so far.
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Jeffery Deaver has written two short story collections; "Twisted: The Collected Short Stories of Jeffrey Deaver" and "More Twisted: Collected Stories". I wouldn't exactly call the stories funny, but, as you can surmise from the title, every story has a twist ending. They all have an old-fashioned, almost corny feel to them. O Henry-esque.
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A lot of Roald Dahl's short stories aren't exactly mysteries, but they have twists and reveals at the end. plus a dark sense of humor.
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How about Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey series? It's not exactly laugh out loud funny, but it's kind of fun.
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Try Dave Barry's books "Big Trouble" and "Tricky Business." Perhaps they're not quite mysteries, but sort of cops and robbers suspense novels. And they're hilarious.
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Again, not typical whodunnit mysteries nor anthologies, but the noir novels of Big Jim Thompson are relatively short, easy reads. AS the other suggestions above, they hold twists, turns, and in several, a delicious dark humor.
Pop. 1280 followed by The Killer Inside Me are good places to start.
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Thieve's Dozen by Donald Westlake.

And of course all the Rumpole books.
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What about the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich? Definitely funny; sort of mystery.

On preview, I missed the word 'short' in your title, but I'm still recommending these.
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I have a pretty dry sense of humor, but I tend to think that the Miss Marple stories are hilarious. And there are about a million of those floating around.
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Seconding Westlake. Here's list of "Dortmunder Books." I also got a kick out of most of Jonathan Gash's Lovejoy books. They tend to be pretty quick reads.
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not an anthology, and not short by a long shot, but ANYthing by carl haiaasen is funny & he works a great mystery angle.
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As for short stories, which, I believe, is what you were asking for, there's this:

The Defective Detective: Mystery Parodies by the Great Humorists ed. Steve Carper

And here's a link to Homeville, which lists anthologies and their contents, namely the above.

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