A band like the Wiggles, but with women?
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The Wiggles, but with women?

My four-year-old daughter adores the Wiggles, especially watching them on TV. I'd like her to have more female role models when it comes to pop culture. Any suggestions for groups or singers who have the same appeal as the Wiggles, but are women?

Qualities I think she likes: the music; it's the same characters each time; they smile a lot; they talk to the camera; they're funny; there's not anything going on other than songs.

It could be stuff the parents like too (like the Evens' "Vowel Movements," which she likes and is 50% female), but the priority should be entertaining small children. I'm hoping for shows with many episodes, or bands with several DVDs, not just scattered YouTube videos.

I'm not looking for "think outside the box" answers like "Form a band with her!" or "Take her to rollerderby!" I just want to find a TV show that's like the Wiggles, but with mostly or exclusively female entertainers.
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Laurie Berkner? Unfortunately there's not lots of shows, but there are some DVDs available.
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Hi-5 is a similar export from Australia and is 60% female. And they smile about 100% of the time.
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Hi-5 has a 3-2 F-M ratio. They are an Aussie band but they had a US version a few years ago. The Aussie one has had a few cast changes over the years but the initial group went uninterrupted for almost a decade. They do have puppet sequences without songs on their TV show but IIRC it's mostly songs.

Caution: that first website is extremely irritating.
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I watched The Big Comfy Couch when I was little. Not sure if it's still on. It had a female star and lots of songs.
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Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang! Great, great music.
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My 5 year old, who was *very* into The Wiggles, really likes the Fresh Beat Band on Nickelodeon. There are two girls and two guys, but they are all "equals" and engage kids in much the same way as The Wiggles. Now, there is more of a storyline on the FBB show, but there is lots of humor and plenty of catchy songs.
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When I was growing up, I watched a lot of Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show. There don't seem to be any DVDs of that show, but here's a Sharon, Lois & Bram DVD called Make Believe.
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Not a band exactly, but Justine Clarke is another Australian who has some excellent kids albums and DVDs.

Our two-year-old loves Justine's songs, particularly her "I like to sing" album and DVD. I could be mistaken, but I think older kids would like them too.

There are audio samples on her website, and pretty sure there are some tracks on YouTube too, so you can try a sample first.

Be warned: they're very, very catchy tunes. You'll definitely have them as earworms yourself.
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JoJo's Circus was animated, but fits the bill.

Greatest kids show theme song, too.
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I was coming here to say the Big Comfy Couch, too.
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Milkshake is great. They started out as a more adult band (love riot) took some time off, and became Milkshake. Even when they weren't strictly a kids band, they were very kid friendly and brought instruments for kids to play along on a song or two.
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Lazytown's central character is female, although most of the characters are either played by or depicted as males.
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Jack's Big Music Show on Nick Jr features a girl puppet, Mary. There's also a female-led band that plays in some episodes.
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